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June 2013 Archives

Meraux man accused of sex crime and extortion over fake sex tape

While any criminal charge can bring harsh consequences upon a conviction, sex crime allegations can bring consequences over and above potential time behind bars and fines—registration as a convicted sexual offender can itself be a severe consequence. Many allegations underlying a sex crime may involve misunderstandings, or accusations of acquaintances.

US Supreme Court rules on right to remain silent issue

In 1992, police found shotgun shells that authorities say were linked to the murder of two brothers in Houston. Law enforcement grew suspicious of a man and decided to ask him some questions, but apparently police did not have enough for a formal arrest. The man agreed to go to the police station and speak with the officers. At some point, an officer asked the man if a shotgun the man had access to would be linked to the shells police had already found during the police probe. The man did not answer. He remained silent.

Lengthy probe in Louisiana leads to cocaine trafficking arrests

News reports often carry stories about an investigation into alleged drug crimes. Stories may involve scattered details about the probe and name a task force or law enforcement agency involved in the investigation. From time to time, a drug crime investigation may involve authorities from both the state and federal levels. Such investigations may involve numerous arrests, and those arrested could be charged at different levels.

Ascension Parish couple arrested in motel on drug charges

When a person in Louisiana is placed on probation or released early on parole, a variety of terms and conditions may be applied in different cases. A probation or parole violation can lead to legal issues and potential exposure to time behind bars. But, the allegations from time to time may involve, or even lead to, new criminal charges.

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