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Baton Rouge man arrested for 2012 burglary on DNA evidence

On Behalf of | May 24, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

Law enforcement says that DNA tests led them to a 23-year-old Baton Rouge, Louisiana man who is now accused of a roughly 1-year-old alleged burglary at a pawn shop. While following the alleged DNA trail, authorities reportedly obtained a search warrant and raided the man’s home in March. Police apparently did not find any evidence to link the man to the alleged pawn store burglary during the raid. But, authorities apparently interrogated the man, as they claim he says that some had stolen the firearms that he allegedly took in the burglary.

Police believe that whoever broke into the pawn shop about a year ago had entered through a hole cut in the roof of the shop. Police claim that two drops of blood were found near the entry point, and a glove found in the store allegedly was stained with blood. Law enforcement had that blood analyzed and claim that they found a DNA match between that blood and a DNA profile of the Baton Rouge man that was on file.

The young man is facing felony charges and was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison with bond set at around $135,000, according to The Advocate.

When most people think of DNA in criminal cases, a kind of television drama effect may come into play–some commentators have called the phenomenon the “CSI effect.” Scientific testing may be used frequently in today’s culture, but allegations in a criminal complaint remain just allegations until proven otherwise.

Science can have flaws, as can the facts alleged in police reports. When suspected or accused of any crime, it is important to remember that a person accused has the right to a criminal defense.

Source: The Advocate, “DNA leads to arrest in pawn shop burglary,” Jim Mustian, May 24, 2013