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Man arrested at Donaldsonville business on suspicion of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

Media reports concerning alleged crimes may often describe limited details about an investigation. Our criminal justice system includes a wide variety of complex rules and constitutional protections to maintain the integrity of the system. However, the court of public opinion may often relay on limited facts when a story is published in print.

A recent alleged drug crime investigation in Ascension Parish reportedly has landed a Donaldsonville, Louisiana businessman in jail on suspicion of drug crimes. Authorities claim that Sheriff’s narcotics agents ran a probe for roughly two months before making an arrest. It is not clear what led to that investigation, or what narcotics investigators claim to have discovered during the probe.

Officials believe that the business owner was selling synthetic marijuana at his business in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Authorities apparently went to the store Monday to make an arrest. Officials claim that the 31-year-old New Orleans, Louisiana resident had an outstanding arrest warrant from Dallas for an alleged aggravated robbery case in that jurisdiction.

Deputies say that agents raided the business and conducted a search of the man’s car Wednesday. During the searches, authorities claim to have seized 1,350 packages from the man’s business and vehicle. Deputies believe that the packages contain synthetic marijuana. Investigators claim that pills, hydroponic marijuana, cocaine and paraphernalia were also discovered in the Donaldsonville store.

The man is facing a slate of drug charges in Ascension Parish. The charges range from unlawful possession of drugs and paraphernalia to possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. He reportedly was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail, and is also being held on the outstanding fugitive warrant.

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