Environmental Fraud

If you are facing charges involving environmental fraud or other environmental crimes in Louisiana, it is important to hire an attorney who can provide proactive and effective criminal defense representation. Call 225.767.7778 for a free initial consultation with an attorney from the law office of Steven J. Moore in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When a business engages in practices that violate state or federal environmental laws, the corporate officers, business owners or other key employees of the business may be held civilly responsible — and also criminally responsible.

Businesses and business professionals may face investigations or criminal charges related to:

  • Illegal dumping of hazardous waste
  • Violation of pollutant emission standards
  • Illegal groundwater contamination
  • Operating with falsified permits
  • Other violations of state or federal environmental laws

With the nation's increased awareness to protect the environment, prosecution efforts against violators of environmental laws have also increased. Government agencies — such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Crimes Section of the Environmental and Natural Resource Division — can attempt to resolve environmental violations at the administrative level or refer cases to the district attorney for criminal prosecution. We get involved immediately and attempt to resolve the issue before criminal charges are ever pursued.

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