Drug Trafficking & Manufacturing

When you are facing serious drug charges, such as drug trafficking or drug manufacturing, make sure you hire a criminal defense attorney who knows what is at stake and who is focused on protecting your rights. Call 225.767.7778 for a free consultation with a lawyer from the law office of Steven J. Moore in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana's geographic and transportation attributes, as well as casino gaming industry have all contributed to the advancing drug smuggling activity throughout the state and surrounding Gulf Coast areas. As a result, specialized drug task forces have targeted areas for surveillance, investigation and prosecution.

Experienced Defense Against Federal Drug Charges

Drug charges involving trafficking cocaine, manufacturing methamphetamines (meth), selling drugs over state lines and other serious charges are usually prosecuted in federal courts. This means extensive evidence collected by the DEA or FBI over the course of months or years. You need an attorney with the experience to take on such forces. With criminal law careers spanning more than 20 years, our attorneys can put their experience in your corner. We are experienced in handling drug crime cases involving:

  • Drug smuggling/drug trafficking (interstate and international)
  • Trafficking of unauthorized prescription pills
  • Operating a meth lab
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Laundering drug money (money laundering)

If you are facing federal drug charges involving trafficking or manufacturing, we can explain the laws, help you understand the possible consequences and go to work immediately investigating all aspects of your case to prepare the best possible defense strategy. We attack the prosecution's evidence by exposing search warrant violations, wire tap violations and other violations of your rights.

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